Friday, April 17, 2009


Just feel free to blog out only...let me know what do you think about this post

hmmm...i just realize something now a days. Now a days in school , you can see a lot of couples in the school. They will have thier date at the staircase, Car park and everywhere that quiet and silent.So, I believe every school teacher will not allowed the student to do this thing.OK , nvm. WE CANT DO IN THE SCHOOL , WE CAN DO OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL.

What they will do when they are dating ?? You can see them kissing , Peluk sini and there , touch here and there.Oh gosh... Even when they are kissing they snap thier photo somemore...Some even worst , kiss in the public place.

In your opinion , when you are in a relationship , is it neccessary to kiss ??
what do you think ??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Question Mark.

Hahaha..just have some free time to blog

Today i had my lunch together with my schoolmates.I heard them talking about astro on demand movie.E.U , Winter melon , and so on.So i asked them , "Wah , you all still have time to watch movie ah ?? ". So, one of my friend answer me , "WHy not ??Everyday at least i will watch a few episode.You not free ah ?? so busy meh "

Then i told them ,"Ya lo , study and homework ".Then i asked one of my friend "You didnt join any church activities ??Saturday and sunday so free 1 ??" .He replied me " No ah , i only go on sunday . not like you join so many things." Then he told all my friends that i am very active in the church.

Actually i was wondering , why some of the christian is not like a christian. They go sunday service , worship the same god , listen to the same message from the bible. Even though they are doing this every sunday , but then they still remain the OLD SELF.Is it like there is no different between the outsider.

Example , i have a friend of mine attending the All saint church . He is a guitarist.But everyday he always speak vulgar words.In the same time , he have a girlfriend in penang.Last week , he just came back from penang.So i asked him what he have done in the past few day ".He told me that he did this do his GF.( adultery)(Pandai - pandai la you all)something bad.His GF also a christian in penang.Before he went to penang , i reminded him not to adultery but still ....haih...long story..

So i ask myself , Why do they do like that ?? since they are christian .They should know the word of god.It is something like jesus parable. Some of the seed that throw into the thorns or let the bird take away.

Actually , i also dont know what happen to this kind of christian ??? Still a question mark.WHy some of the christian can follow but others cannot ??

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank God

Ha...Just Feel free to post up this article.Nothing to do ma..So , update a post lo..Hahaha..Well , holiday going to end soon.Those who end their SPM..i am so proud of you guys and quite jealous about you because you have GRADUATE from the secondary school.I am going to have it soon..I AM COMING!!!

Last week , i was lying down on the bed but i cant sleep.So,my eyes like an owl.Suddenly , i was thinking about the things that i will go through next year.SPM and other thing.I was so worry about it.i was keep on asking myself.."How am i going to study next year ? How am i going to get a good result ? What should i do ?What can i do ? and so on".

My heart was worry about the thing will happen last year since this year already badly go through form 4.I was like this day what should i do , in the class i should do what , and what if i failed to get a good result in my exam.LOL..I also don't know why i will worry about it.

Suddenly , There is something called me to "LOOK UPON GOD"(Coming from my heart).Then i was so surprise and i feel better about it .and i peacefully slept.Thank god.I remember a bible verse."Do not lean against your own understanding.acknowledge him and he will make your path straight . it is coming from the book of proverbs.

Last Sunday as i listen to Pastor`s heart is fill with peace and joy.The title is "Emmanuel"God with us.

Life will never go peace.Everyone will worry about the thing happening in the future or now.the only thing we can do is LOOK UPON this song TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS(if can download it and listen)Hahaha..

Thank god for his word.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Chewing Gum...

Well , Chewing Gum??I think everyone eat this before right ? Those who don't know how to eat this .I tell you how it feel when it put into your mouth.

It is like you eating a rubber band.Keep on chew,chew and chew until it tasteless.In the market , you can get a lots of flavour like Mint , Banana , watermelon ,and so on.

Chewing gum also are good for our tooth.I am sure that you all know this EXTRA brand right ? ya , is it good for our tooth.I realize that , Chewing gum can make our teeth white in colour..XD

If chewing gum did not manage in a proper way , it will stick on something and it is very hard to clean it up.The chewing gum wrapper , you can see some sign there , So that you all will throw in a proper way.

Well , Humans are naughty.They just split it on the floor or just stick underneath the table or somewhere else.Last Friday i went to HUKM to visit my grandma.So , about 1 hour like that , i planned to take taxi at the taxi stand.When i arrived there , at the taxi stand was crowded with Malays family.When i walking near to the taxi ,i realized that the base of the shoe had a chewing gum stick on it.So , it make so frust.When i arrived home , i try to clean it up ,but i cant.Is it so difficult to clean it up.Ahhh...

They really don't know what is HYGIENE /CLEANLINESS

Friday, November 14, 2008

Responsible ???

hmm...Feel like writing something....Currently i have learn a lesson is TO BE RESPONSIBLE.This word have coming out from my grandpa mouth since i was young.Everyday he asked me "PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE".Untill now i heard this word coming out from his see How important is that ?

But some how , people are irresponsible towards thier job , studies , situation and more.haih...For example , you guy will heard this phrase when you watching dramas or movies."You make people pregnant now , you are RESPONSIBLE to her ".Hahaha..You heard it right ? But most of the movies will deny it and run away from the girl.Right ? well , movie is movie . We coming back to the world.

I think what teenagers did are always "letting go aeroplane" aka FFK, but there are some people make a promise to you and he/she do not have the intention to fulfill it. That's irrating to anyone of us I believe.

Haih... If and only IF I offended you directly or indirectly, please forgive me. It is just I am so stress with this matter. Responsibility is playing an important role in life. Once you lose it, you are nobody. PLEASE! Learn to be responsible at all time. Irresponsible individual are guarantee won't success!

Pointless comment I don't need.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Flash Back

Hello.I am back to blog.HAHAHA..This few weeks i cant update my blog because of my final year exam.Study , Study and study.So,have no time to update and i have no idea what to write.but today i have.

This few days , when i go to sleep , my brain will start working very hard.I have to wait untill my brains stop working then only i can go to sleep.I was lying down on my bed and keep on thinking/dreaming.
I was remembering the past.Every thing that i have go through , it came out and it was like a movie.Somtimes is like so stupid that i can laugh myself when i saw something funny.FLASH BACK.Everything happy , sad , funny incidents came into my mind.HAHAHA..hmm,i was wondering will my head grow more white hair or not.They always ask me "YOu think a lot of things ah ?".Well , I thank god that he let me live untill now.
It is like a time machine.Bring me to the past.

Well , Life is full of things.As what chinese people say "Life have Sweet , Sour , bitter , hot ".That`s true right ?I have a little example.Life is like a boat on the ocean.As we live day by day , it is like the boat seal around the world.When we face trouble is like the boat face thunder storms or any disaster.Right?? if we give up means our boat sink like titanic.In Life there is always a chance for you to change .I mean before you past away.Thank god that life is not like the sink down shit but we stil got chance to travel.

One great people say "Those who dont remember the past ,will condemned it".Yes,that true.Past is past.Currently is currently.By looking backward of your life , do you feel happy ?or you want to repeat the mistake that you made ? i dont think so right.I believe everyone have up and down in your life.But that is past.Why not you open your eyes and look forward rather than always complaint about your life.This is your life,YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE.Think about that ?

Some people might say "Aiya , Say so easy but when you do that time ..sure cannot "or "I cannot let go ah , i feel so bla bla bla or I scared... ".Some poeple say In the past how great are they.So,WHAT?The things that is past means past.Just keep it and take it as a memories.

As what god says "In christ , Everything past has change into new ".means we have new life.Just let the past as our memories in should thankful that you have the chance to have this in your life.

Think about that ... Your life and you choose how you want to live .
any comments ?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Time Has Come

Yesterday , my youth organized this event..Well , i can say that , we did not prepared well for this event but i thank god that this service run smoothly.Hahaha...This is the leaflet.Designed by Daniel loke .Is it nice ? simple and nice right ? Hahaha...
That night service , i was assinged to become the ice breaker.I spent an hours to look for games but end up only 1 games.I dont know how is the members and new comers feel about this game .Hopefully they have fun ....That night i make janice fell down and get injured.After the has play the game and she started to run.Suddenly she BING BONG~~ and i saw her on the floor.OUCH~~~~ pain man.
After games , is opening dance.
This is how they dance.
How is it ? then i leave it to you to comment the dance.Sorry , something wrong with the video.The music is purple line .if not mistaken.Cameraman : Joyce.

Then come to Praise and worship section.Cool song and nice worship.and we sang back ONE old is the song already ?but one thing , no one accompany me , i just jump alone.T.T

After that , Bro.Weng Kim came up and share his word of god.He talking about Dream and vision.Dream and vision is a different things.His sharing was nice too.then he let us know how is his life when he started to step into music field.Punk , heavy metals.his sharing continue on ....about to end , he let us watch a short video clip about the night life at Bukit bintang area.WAh,The place was totally dark.Fighting , Punks , Ghotic , Dancing ground , Mat rempits.haih....may the lord mercy fall upon them

After that , have a short altar cal.And here i want to testify god.He has listen to my prayer.Before the service start , my heart is fill with joy and god presence even though a lot of new comers.I know he is with us in the hall.Then we went out and pray for that night event.Quite last minute.HAHAHA..i was hunger like mad for like i am in the desert hunger for water.At last , god save 2 souls.I Beg with my voice and heart and at last it come true.dont want to tell so long cos i know it is too long breath already.

I try to edit this post next time.Try to get Bro.Weng Kim photo and let you guys see..Videos too (If have ) .hahaha..That`s for now first.
Even though a short service but great impact.